Mike's Birthday Present

Today's my housemate Mike's birthday. He's also one of my best friends, which makes what I'm about to do a little less weird, but not by much.

Mike inspires a strange kind of affection in the people who know him best. A while back one of them, John Fennel, channelled that affection into a labour of love called To De Window, To De Waal, a Tumblr consisting of Mike's head Photoshopped onto things that aren't Mike's body. You can find it here; highlights include Mike as the Eye of Sauron, Mike on the moon, and Mike as the giant statue of Jesus that overlooks Rio de Janeiro. It was an outstanding piece of work, and one that has stayed with me.

Some time after this I went to the United States for about a month, and while I was over there Mike contacted me and offered me a room in his house when I got back. To celebrate our burgeoning friendship (and as an homage to John) I printed out a large picture of Mike's head, laminated it, and took it around New York and Washington DC with me. I'm not huge on taking touristy photos, but I made an exception for anything that could fit Mike's head on top of it. For his birthday I've collected all these images into a fetching Powerpoint presentation; I can't embed it here but I've included the pictures below for others to enjoy, with some helpful captions for context. 

Mike is one of the best people I know. He's smart and ambitious without being a prick, he has spectacular taste in music and beer, and he's one of the few people around who, like me, is both physically unfit and loves football. He makes me tea. I do his dry cleaning sometimes. It's a friendship that works. I hope this photo collage of his head crudely imposed on New York landmarks is a fitting tribute to that friendship. Happy birthday, bud.

(For an enhanced viewing experience please click this link to play Green Day's 'Time Of Your Life' as you look through the pictures. The presentation was designed with that in mind, and it is how Mike will experience it when he wakes up from his nap on the couch. Take your time. Let the soothing tones of Billie Joe Armstrong set the pace, and linger over each photo for as long as you feel is best.)