Once Upon a YOLO: An Introduction


In a fit of young-white-man-decides-to-broadcast-his-feelings, I bought a domain name about a month ago with the intention of starting a blog. I forgot all about it until a Newcastle Knight with my name broke his neck, after which I felt the need to re-establish my online presence so well-meaning middle-aged women would stop sending me messages of support on Facebook.

I should flag from the outset (for the legions of you slavering to know) that I'm probably not going to update this very much - writing is my main source of income apart from Old Man Centrelink, so if I have a really good idea for an article I try to get someone to pay for it. Still, this might be a valuable space for knotty topics and blatantly slanderous outpourings of bile no outlet wants to associate themselves with. 

Something I'll be talking about particularly is depression, both in general and my own personal experience. I know a lot of people with depression and a lot of people who are sympathetic to it, but I think there's a pretty serious lack of understanding as to what it actually is; what it's like living with depression day-to-day. That's entirely understandable - you either know what depression feels like or you don't - but I figure giving people a peek under that veil can only be a good thing.

Hence the website's name; it's partly an extension of the slave-to-the-YOLO mentality I tri 2 liv bi evryd4y, but more substantially it's a reference to the fact that depression is something that needs to be constantly discussed and examined if it is to be understood and hopefully overcome, or at least rendered manageable. Writing is one of the best ways I have of fighting depression - the more I do it in any given day, the easier it gets to handle. I don't know if that's true of everyone with depression, but it is for me.

That said, I'll try to include some lighter stuff to balance it out; otherwise I might as well have started a Livejournal. There'll be a bit of music, a lot of references to R Kelly and Space Jam, and I might even tell the full story of how a girl named Kate broke my fucking arm in an arm wrestle. Should be good times. 

Anyway, for your loyal readership here's Jeff Goldblum's creepy laugh in Jurassic Park, laid down in a remix with some $ikk beatzzzzz. Enjoy the beJesus out of it.